Due to changes in different countries laws regarding prostitution, escort agencies are becoming both more abundant and easier to find. Many countries in recent years have changed their laws in an effort to reduce the numbers of prostitutes working on their streets and are doing so by not making prostitution illegal, only making it illegal if carried out or advertised in public. Some countries, like the UK, have also made it illegal to own a business which promotes prostitution, such as a brothel and in doing so, left a void. This void is quickly being filled by escort agencies which, due to the actual agreement of what is actually included in the escort service being made between only the client and the escort themselves, an agency cannot be held responsible if prostitution is part of the personal agreement. Of course, escort agencies are not only used by people that are looking for prostitutes, they are also used by people that require an escort to attend a function or as company for a dinner, perhaps even just as someone to talk to and so the escort agency can claim that they know of no other types of arrangements. These escort agencies do though; also make it easier for clients to find suitable escorts for whatever purpose they like and if someone visiting Nottingham wants to know about nottingham escorts, all they have to do is go to a Nottingham escort agency’s website where they can find the profiles of all the escorts. On the profile page of an agency’s website, all the particular services provided by a particular escort should be seen but in case there is any vague area, many of the agency’s websites will also include reviews of the different escorts, written by previous clients.

Of course, apart from making it easier for clients to find prostitutes, escort agencies can also make it easier or at least safer for prostitutes to find work, even in countries where prostitution is legal, like in New Zealand. It is perhaps for this reason that whilst agencies obviously take a cut, 20% of all prostitutes in New Zealand, prefer to work via an escort agency. The prices for different escorts will vary but most countries have price ranges for their escorts and in New York in the USA, those prices often range from $200 to $1500 per hour with 40% of that going to the agency and 50% to the escort. The 10% remaining is for payment to any promoter or agent that may have contributed to the hiring of that particular escort.

In the UK these changes in laws and the filling of a void by escort agencies means that today, escort agencies can be found in most major UK cities. The number of agencies available in each city may not yet be as many as there are in London but at least that means that there is less chance of finding a fake agency among them and a good one is easier to find.